Our Story

The Mainland Campus is home to grades four and five and is the proud site of “where it all began”! Constructed in 1950 as Vaughn Street School, our campus  has been witness to the many changes in Los Angeles’ history, and we are proud of continuing a tradition of growth and striving for success as envisioned by the founding families of our great community.  In 2017 we opened our new P3 wing, which includes collaborative classroom space, our new technology lab, and green spaces that serve as an island of nature in the midst of the city.  The traditional and the innovative elements of our campus work to form a strong alloy to prepare our students for the 21st century. Our STEM emphasis works to prepare students with the foundations to be college and career ready.   Language Arts and Socials Studies assures strong  roots in our literary, historical and cultural traditions.  Project based instruction emphasizes a love of inquiry and as life-long learning.  Our PBIS framework, including social emotional learning, is viewed as critical to our students’ development compassionate and empathetic global citizens.