Fourth and Fifth Grades use  McGraw Hill: Wonders ELA/ELD program. With focused whole group and centers based instruction, the Wonders Reading Writing program includes a workshop-based approach that provides students with support in close reading of complex texts in both literary and expository genres. Writing in grades four and five emphasizes essay and narrative writing as well as research with support from several sources.  The goal for writing in these grades is to produce clear and coherent pieces that are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience. Chromebooks provided to each student allow individualized research projects as well as group work via Google Classroom.  Our English 3D program also helps targeted English Language Learners reach higher levels of proficiency.  


The Mainland Math Series is the  Houghton-Mifflin Go Math program. Building on the foundational skills from earlier grades, students in grades four and five work to expand their understanding of number systems based on models.  Emphasis is on solving real world problems by developing, discussing, and using methods to compute solutions.  Fluency with procedures and algorithms is also a critical component of math in these grades. Upon entry to middle school, we want our students to be able to write and interpret numerical expressions, analyze patterns and relationships, and construct viable arguments for use of a method or model. 


Mainland is part of an adoption of new NGSS based curriculum for science from Twig Science. This hands-on curriculum emphasizes integration of different areas of science, with an emphasis on understanding systems and processes, including energy transfer, ecosystems, and forms of matter.  Students are challenged to use both science and engineering to design models for real world problems such as the need for renewable energy, earthquake resistant buildings, and producing fresh water.


In fourth and fifth grades, each student has a personal Chromebook.  Use of technology in the classroom allows students to collaborate with the teacher, with assignments that can better be customized for the student and developed into Project Based Learning.  Technology is incorporated into instruction across all subject areas. 


Teachers will engage students with our newly adopted McGraw Hill: Impact curriculum. In fourth grade, emphasis is placed on the history of California and how the geography, environment, and climate affected people of the past and continues to impact Californians today.  Fifth grade history emphasizes the foundations of our nation as well as the Constitution.  These curriculums emphasize use of primary sources to gain diverse perspectives to understand our history.